"I'm so pleased with the progress Luger has made in such a short time. I never imagined that I would be walking a German Shepherd on a leash with control and confidence. Luger and I now look forward to our daily training sessions. I continually receive compliments on how well behaved he is in public places. Also, thank you for your insightful information on dog behavior and the German Shepherd breed." - Theresa

      "Our dog Jake would more than likely not be here today if not for Christie and the patience, perseverance, and love for animals she has.  Jake met her, like most other people for the first time with hackles raised and bared teeth… 30 minutes later she was walking him down the street, alone and in control.  Our other dog of equal size (i.e. 135lbs+) has an easy disposition, but would not listen, and that was about to change.
      We put complete trust in Christie and her program for both of our dogs, and within weeks there was pretty much a 100% improvement in discipline and temperament.  That was over 3 years ago and we are pleased with the results and the fact that Jake did not have to be destroyed because of his aggressiveness.
      When we leave town for extended periods of time, Christie is the only person we trust with the care of our animals.  We can leave them with her knowing they are safe and cared-for, like they are her own." - John

      "Before I worked with Animal Instincts, I had a severely aggressive Boxer.  Anytime I had him around any other dogs, even at the park, he would try to attack. This began a strange relationship between my dog and me where I was literally afraid to take him anywhere. The trips to the park stopped, walks in the neighborhood stopped and I felt helpless.
      Another dog owner who had a similar situation gave me the number to Animal Instincts Dog Training. I had never used a professional dog trainer before and didn't really know what to expect. I was immediately impressed by Christie’s ability to diagnose the problem and her honesty when talking to me about what needed to be done. My dog then went under her care where he was given her one-on-one attention.
      Christie diagnosed the problem as fear based aggression and set out to help my dog feel more confident and less apprehensive around other dogs. I was so impressed by the dog that she uncovered underneath all of that aggression.  I just recently took my dog on a road trip all the way to Texas where he happily met and now plays with all of my family's dogs. Even at the sight of another aggressive dog, my dog remains confident and ready to respond to my commands.
      I now have the relationship with my dog that I have always wanted. Christie not only helped my dog work through his fears, she also taught me how to handle my dog in a more confident, consistent manner.
      I recommend Animal instincts Dog Training to anyone who has a dog that shows behavior that they do not understand. Christie has a clear way of communicating with dogs that allows her to personally coach their behavior. Even now when my dog sees her, I swear he smiles." - Shannon  

      "Under Christie's incredibly loving yet firm training my standard poodle, Misty, became a perfectly behaved companion and an ideal Therapy Dog.  I can trust Misty to interact with older, frail people with canes, walkers or whatever, off-leash, under my quiet voice control.  Christie is still Misty's first love and her second Mom." - Patrice