My training programs are personalized to each dog and owner.  I need to speak DIRECTLY with you so that I can hear what you desire to achieve with your dog, and gain insight into your relationship with your dog.  In addition, I need to ask a few questions of you so that I may formulate a specific program for you and your dog.  The personalization of the training continues when I meet you and your dog.

      In addition to working with you and your dog in your home (private training), I also offer board training where your dog lives with me and is trained in my camp. I can also board your dog when you go away. When dogs are boarded with me, they are given hours of personal attention, play time, long walks and hikes (if the owner desires), and loads of love!

    You may contact me at 1-800-688-8828. If you prefer email, please fill out my form below.

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